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    Let's Get Some New Members!

    Hey, everyone! Hot Street Scooters here. This forum has been kind of slow, so, let's get it back up and running! If you're new, welcome aboard! This is a great forum for anything and everything scooter related. Please feel free to comment below and tells us a bit about yourself!
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    1989 yamaha riva 200z

    It could be that you need to re-jet your carburator. If it's starting for gas and sputters out it could be that your jets are not putting enough gas into the cylinder. We have the jets available on our website. Glad to have you on board, thanks for becoming a member!
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    Make my scooter faster

    Many people believe that it requires a large amount of money to modify a scooter. The rational for this type of thinking is because as Americans we believe bigger and more expensive is better which in some cases is true, but not in the case of scooter modifications. A little know secret to...
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    Gas prices are ridiculous!

    Have you stopped and considered the amount of money you are dropping at the gas pump these days? The price per gallon has more than doubled from 2-3 years ago. This is ridiculous! It goes to show a lack of leadership and direction for our country. With all that said, there is good news for you...
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    Do you want your scooter to go faster????

    One of the most common questions we hear is, how do I get my scooter to travel faster? My scooter is too slow and I can’t get out of my own way, in fact, when on the road people fly by me going much faster. I just want to keep up with traffic— not looking to have a speed demon but would like to...
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    What are the benefits of having a performance muffler?

    Scooters can be finicky when it comes to maximizing the performance. Every scooter enthusiast has considered pushing their scooters to the limits. Changing the transmission parts such as variators, rollers, and belts have proven true to help with achieving a faster scooter. Some more daring...
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    Drop a picture of your ride and introduce yourself!

    1. Tell us your why you like your two or three wheeled ride? 2. Share of some killer places to ride… 3. Is there any help or advice you need for your ride? (We have skilled technicians ready to share with you) 4. Welcome aboard!!
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    TOP SPEED ! ! !

    Way to go Lynger! That’s a great top speed! You are the man….
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    looking for a true 20mm intake manifold

    Hello Rick, we do have a true 20mm carburetor on our website. We have mic’ed the hole and it comes pretty close to exactly 20mm give or take +/- 1/2 mm. As far as the manifold we may have one that is oversized by NCY. Are you interested? Thanks for your inquiry and glad to Have you aboard!!
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    TOP SPEED ! ! !

    Hey Excanuck, thanks for joining the team. We appreciate your posts…
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    TOP SPEED ! ! !

    Hey Sem, welcome to GY6 fix, we are glad to have you on board. Thanks for posting
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    Sweet Ride James! That scooter is a showstopper!
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    NCY parts help with performance…

    Here is the link to the place where these items are located: NCY Ignition Coil NCY CDI
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    NCY parts help with performance…

    The difference between regular Chinese parts and NCY parts is quality. When parts are mass produced at a fast and alarming rate, one of the things that becomes compromised is the quality. Because of much demand from Chinese production the QC is commonly justified due to the need to supply...