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I have a Tao Tao Quantum 150 that I am having trouble with. Here is some background of my scooter.
First off when I got the scooter it would only run for so long then shut itself off, I was advised by my dealership that I was expending vapor lock and to drill a hole in the gas tank cap. I did this and it stopped that problem and it ran fine.

So then I modified my scooter heavily, it haad a
Big bore kit (biggest u can go without splitting the crank apart)
Aftermarket CDI box, not the blue one
Uni air filter with a Nibbi extension
Aftermarket exhaust

So my scooter ran good a couple of times no issues at all. All of the sudden I expiernced the problem of the scooter starting up running for a min or so and as soon as I gave it gas it would die. So I pulled all of the fuel lines off of it and made sure they were clean plus added a extra fuel filter and changed them out. That did nit help it at all.

I had already pulled my carb off and I believed the jets were clean. Turns out they were NOT. My main jet was messed up. So instead of replacing just the main jet and trying it like that I bought a NEW carb. The new carb I bought has a 30mm intake on it vs the 26mm stock which helps it use its power. At first I kept the pilot jet the same at 38 and went up to a 112 on on the main jet.

So here is were my problem is and what is going on. The scoot will start fine and run for a min or 2. I can get it warmed up and get a great idle and it sounding fine by adjusting the air fuel mixture screw on the side.

When I ride it and try to come to a stop my scooter dies and shuts off. This happens when I am trying to stop for a red light or make a really slow turn etc. The interesting thing is that I can almost keep it running if it is on a Incline going UP hill. If I am going down hill or on level then it dies out a lot easier...

So after getting some advice from others I was told to change my pilot jet and see if that helped. So i went from a 38 to a 42 pilot jet and also used a Nibbi to extend my uni filter out more and give it more air. I had the same exact results ;(

I am at a total loss with this scoot as a of right now. Both of the jets in my carb are perfectly clean and i cannot pin point what the problem is...

PS I am from West Virginia and I can provide any pics u need for reference...

Thanks for the help
Scott B


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But if you are bent on fix go back to stock settings ! Up your jet sizes one at a time till you get a desired result !


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Ok thanks

You also said on the phone you thought my float in the carb was filling up too fast. You mentioned their is tabs on the side to adjust it to the correct level. Can u explain how I can do this plz or do u have a video for reference?