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Many people believe that it requires a large amount of money to modify a scooter. The rational for this type of thinking is because as Americans we believe bigger and more expensive is better which in some cases is true, but not in the case of scooter modifications. A little know secret to increase RPM's and higher acceleration lies within the weights of the variator. The variator is the part of the transmission that regulates the speed of the belt and how quickly your scooter engages in take-off. Manufactures typically determine a certain variator roller type based on the weight and performance of the scooter. For most scooter, stock size roller weights are anywhere from 5-7grams, depending on the manufacturer. They base the roller weight on the maximum longevity and duration a certain weight will last on a scooter.

But there is a little know secret that can pretty much guarantee a 3-6 mph increase on one affordable modification. It's called changing your roller weights to slider weights. You see, a slider weight has a specific angle that is engineered into the design to allow the slider to quickly engage the variator plate at a faster proportional speed. Couple that with a lighter weight, it will allow the rider to achieve much higher RPM's resulting in a higher top end speed.

Here is a link to the slider weights to achieve the performance your looking for without compromising your bank account. For most 50cc, we would recommend the 3.5 gram sliders. Now, you may need to further explore what size weights your scooter needs with a roller tuning kit. This kit will help you seek out the best weight combination to achieve what you are looking for in your scooter. It will require a little trial and error to achieve the desired results but it is worth the endeavor to know what your scooter needs to maximize performance. Below, I have links to the most common sizes needed to increase speed and acceleration. Along with that I have the link for the tuning kit and a how to video to help you walk through the process.

1. Dr. Pulley 3.5 or 3 gram slider weight
2. Tuning roller weight set
3. Video for variator roller replacement