NCY parts help with performance…


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The difference between regular Chinese parts and NCY parts is quality. When parts are mass produced at a fast and alarming rate, one of the things that becomes compromised is the quality. Because of much demand from Chinese production the QC is commonly justified due to the need to supply products to the surrounding markets. Another factor that comes into play is skill set. China, because of its mindset of production, will often use unskilled laborers and sub-par materials to produce their quota’s. This all results in the manufacturing of poor quality products. NCY is completely different. Because NCY is a better product, they have the conviction that better quality of skill and materials equals a more satisfying result, thus resulting in an overall better outcome. Don’t settle for poor Chinese parts on your scooter when you can have something more effective and efficient for your machine. Start with adding one of these puppies to your scooter, you won’t be disappointed…..


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